Why Choose Infinite Home Health?

At Infinite Home Health, we fully and respectfully understand that you have many health care choices. We know there are a multitude of home health agencies to choose from, and that many of them are good agencies. You might be happy with one of several other choices. So: What makes us different? What makes us stand out? Why choose us?

First: We prioritize your safety

Employees undergo a thorough background check (including a criminal background check) , references are thoroughly checked, and licenses are verified; skills and competencies are also verified during orientation before new employees see patients independently and assessed quarterly and as needed.

Second: We are family owned and operated since 2003.

Many home health care agencies answer to a corporate office far away, focused on profit, separated from knowledge of their patients by several tiers of middle management and disconnected from the day to day operations of the local branch. That isn't the case here. Infinite is family owned and operated, with many long-term employees who have been here for years and who are dedicated to the agency and our patients. Our Director of Nursing in Ventura County is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and our Director of Nursing in our LA county office is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Together, they oversee the care that is being provided by our wonderful team in the field and are here to assure that all patients receive the highest quality of care leading to ultimate patient satisfaction.

Third: We are JOINT COMMISSION and MEDICARE Certified

Infinite Home Health is fully accredited and licensed by local, state and federal organizations, including Medicare and the Joint Commission. We undergo rigorous quality assurance and quality improvement by The Joint Commission and our QAQI staff.

Fourth: YOU are part of your own health care team!

You participate in developing your own plan of care, choose (in coordination with your health care team) which short and long term goals are most important to you, and decide with the help of your case manager when you are ready to discharge from services.