About Us

JCAHO accredited • Medicare/MediCal certified • Family owned and operated since 2003

Infinite Home Health is a California State licensed home health agency, certified by Medicare, and accredited by The Joint Commission. We partner with our patients, our patient’s families, physicians, and other members of the patient’s medical team to help each patient achieve their individual health and wellness goals.

We consider every opportunity to compassionately care for each patient in their home to be a privilege. As a result, you'll find our staff to be professional, respectful, caring, kind, and personally committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for you, your patient, or your loved one.

Our patients are our priority; we are committed to be the best choice for those seeking the highest level of skilled, dependable, and compassionate care. We see each patient as a valued individual. We provide care in a manner which is culturally sensitive, respectful and caring, and which meets each patient’s unique needs, reliably and efficiently, in the comfort of their own homes.

Our vision is to exceed client expectations in providing excellent, compassionate, and nurturing care to each patient placed under our care.

Integrity, Efficiency, Reliability, Trustworthiness, Dependability, Communication, Respect, Empathy

Infinite Home Health

Nursing  Home Health Aides  Physical Therapy  Occupational Therapy  Speech Therapy  Medical Social Workers

We are determined to make sure that we not only meet,
but exceed your expectations.

We believe that we can provide you with high quality care because we know we hire and train high quality clinicians. All Infinite Home Health applicants have undergone a thorough and rigorous hiring and orientation process. Once they are hired and fully vetted and oriented, they continue to receive ongoing education, training, quality assurance checks and supervision from clinical professionals which include Nurse Practitioners specializing in family and Adult Geriatric medicine.

Our home health clinical staff includes Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, LVN’s, Certified Home Health Aides, Physical therapists and PT assistants, Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, Medical Social Workers and Speech Therapists. All of our staff are background checked, reference checked, assessed for core competencies, certification and licensure checked, and provided with ongoing education. Each patient is assigned not only the particular staff they need, but also a specific case manager to perform oversight of the case. The case manager will provide the leadership, direction and supervision for the other clinicians on the case as needed to make sure patient and caregiver concerns are heard and their needs are met.

Our Story

Infinite Home Health StoryHow do most stories begin? Once upon a time? Boy meets girl?

Our story isn’t too different. Once upon a time, a man and woman met and fell in love and got married. The woman became a registered nurse; the man began a successful career in business. Four children were born, and eventually this idea was born, too: why not combine knowledge set, education, talents, skills and experiences of the nurse and the businessman to create something new between them? How better to find work that was completely satisfying, because you knew you could simultaneously meet a genuine need AND could guarantee you were providing the highest quality of care, by having the freedom to set the standards yourself? Why not create the kind of company they could imagine?

Deborah Bidari, RN, became Director of Nursing of the newborn Infinite Home Health in 2002. Every referral that came to the fledgling agency those first few years came via a personal connection, because Ms. Bidari had developed strong, trusting, and reliable bonds with the community, physicians, infusion pharmacies, surgical centers and hospitals, throughout her previous career and while accumulating both experience and a solid reputation for excellent, compassionate and reliable care. A marketing strategy, and a marketing staff, was not even needed. Most referrals then, as many of our referrals today, came purely through word of mouth, because of the trust the community already had in this agency, and born of the trust they had in who was running it. We’re proud and grateful to have that trust, and to this day we do not take that for granted. We see it as a badge of honor. We strive to live up to (and to exceed the expectations of) the confidence placed in us.

Administrator Mr. Taimoor Bidari and DON Deborah Bidari opened Infinite Home Health in 2002, both passionate about the care they provided patients and their families, and passionate about running a business where people mattered more than profits and ethics matter more than end-of-quarter numbers. Family owned and operated from the beginning, all the Bidari family ended up putting their time, energy, gifts and expertise into the company’s growth. Zahra Bidari and Sheava Bidari both joined the family team first as nurses, and are now Nurse Practitioners, currently serving as DON’s now for the two Infinite Home Health offices (one serving Ventura County and established in Westlake Village, and the other serving LA County, with an office in Woodland Hills). Reza, the older son, is now administrator of Infinite Home Health, and a younger son is currently finishing his education in medicine.

A family-owned business allows administrative staff to have a more personal work environment, and to treat staff more like family, which evokes employee loyalty. Office Manager extraordinaire Annette (there seems to be no question or situation that she cannot handle deftly, competently and gracefully) has been with Infinite Home Health since its inception. Multiple talented, smart and caring nursing staff members have been here from the start, and are very much appreciated.

Because we are family owned and operated, we have the freedom to make each patient and their family a high priority. We truly care about your personal and family goals for patient progress. We respect your privacy. We will listen empathetically, we will treat and teach compassionately, and (at all times) we will serve and function ethically. We want to treat you, your patient, your patient’s family, the way we would want our own loved ones to be cared for. It’s the personal approach any of us would want if we ourselves (or our loved ones) needed care, and that’s exactly what we wish to provide to you.

We see our agency, Infinite Home Health, as our family serving your family.