Home Health Care Services

We're a certified Medicare/MediCal agency. Thus, we adhere to all local, state and federal government guidelines, requirements and regulations. We're also certified by the Joint Commission of Accreditation for Health Care, which is a prestigious accreditation awarded to only those agencies that meet the very highest standards and requirements.


Registered Nurses with Infinite have all been tested and competency-assessed to ensure that they are fully prepared to assess each patient and establish each patient’s plan of care, in coordination with the physician and other clinical staff. They may provide many of the clinical services ordered on the plan of care, as well. including administering medication, (including IV medications, and/or injections), providing wound care, breathing treatments, tube feedings, educating patients and their caregivers on diseases, reportable signs and symptoms, disease management, medications, and other care that family members or caregivers can learn to provide.

Home Health AidesHome Health Aides

Infinite Home Health hires only Certified Home Health Aides who have been competency-checked. Home health aides may assist patients with ADL’s (Activities of daily Living) such as bathing, dressing, laundry, light housekeeping, (or sometimes activities such as passive range of motion or checking vital signs, under the supervision of a clinician such as an RNor PT).

Physical Therapy Physical Therapy

Infinite Home Health has a wonderful physical therapy staff; they are licensed and experienced professionals, who will always begin patient care with a thorough assessment to determine each individual patient’s needs and status before establishing a home therapy program designed to help that patient meet their highest level of function possible. The physical therapist focuses on large motor skills and may employ modalities such as TENS, or Ultrasound, or may use massage, or may establish a home exercise program for the patient. Each therapy plan is uniquely tailored to the patient.

Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy

Infinite Home Health employs highly skilled licensed Occupational Therapists; these professionals focus on fine motor skills and energy conservation skills. Occupational Therapists also assess each client individually, to determine what their fine motor skill needs or energy conservation needs are, before determining what their home OT program will be. Some examples of activities requiring fine motor skills are preparing or eating a meal, brushing teeth, writing a note, and getting dressed.

Speech TherapySpeech Therapy

Infinite Home Health employs highly skilled licensed Speech Therapists who both diagnose and treat a wide variety of language, speech function, vocal ability and fluency disorders, as well as swallowing and eating problems. They first assess, then make a plan to treat each patient as an individual, setting individual goals for each patient.

Medical Social WorkersMedical Social Workers

Infinite Home Health provides highly experienced Medical Social Workers who can provide a wide range of information to patients and their families about long range planning, community resources, advance directives, short term counseling, and who will do so without judgement and with understanding and compassion for each patient’s unique background and situation.

To better serve you, please provide us with the following information and we will get back to you promptly. You may also give us a call directly at 818-888-7772 (LA County Office) or 805-497-1777 (Ventura County Office).