I highly recommend Infinite to anyone needing home health care. Their staff takes the time to talk to me. They really care about me and my needs. Their cheerful and competent care has helped me overcome the institutional depression from the hospital. Thanks to them, I now look forward to a more healthy quality of life.

Ertle, M

I am a specialist in the field of Hematology and Oncology. I have had many opportunities to refer my patients to Infinite Home Health, and I have done so with confidence. It has been a wonderful experience to interact with their agency. Infinite Home Health participates fully as an important member of a multidisciplinary treatment team. Services are promptly provided as ordered, and we have found that their staff members communicate very effectively with my office. Infinite Home Health is our preferred agency; they provide care which shows not only a high level of skill, but also care which is provided with love and compassion toward both the patients and their families.

Dr. Masiello

I have used the services of Infinite Home Health on three separate occasions. First after breaking both ankles and an unsuccessful attempt at rehab in a rehab/nursing facility, Infinite sent a nurse, physical therapist and aide to my home, teaching me how to get in and out of bed, the shower and a car without the use of my legs. Several years later I broke my leg in an awkward place. Infinite sent Ana, a Certified Home Health Aide, who was a great help in helping me learn to get around again. Most recently I came home after abdominal surgery with an open wound that needed twice daily wound care including changing the gauze packing. Infinite provided wonderful care by a Registered Nurse. I am back on my feet again and grateful to Infinite Home Health for all their wonderful care. I highly recommend them.

Sharon P

I was being seen and treated for heart disease and severe lung disease with respiratory problems with dietary concerns. I had a pacemaker and stage four COPD. My nurse was on top of my care the whole time; she was way ahead of me on everything I needed for my care. I just wish I still lived in California so she could still be my nurse. I would recommend Infinite Home health to other patients.

Robert M

Infinite Home Health took great care of my family member after he had underwent a total knee replacement and some post-surgical complications. He received skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. All of the staff who came to the home were professional, courteous, helpful and compassionate. He received wonderful care, and it was a relief to know that he was in such good hands. I am grateful to the staff at Infinite Home Health who did so much to contribute to his recovery.

Lisa A.F.

Janet (RN) gave us the whole run down about what home health is, and what services are available. She explained everything to us, went through the (patient handbook), and answered all of our questions. My wife has pain and is on pain medication- the nurse always asks how she is doing with the pain, and how the medicine is working; and always checks on that, at every visit. We have certainly been treated with respect. The nurse and therapist have been very accommodating about scheduling. My wife sees several doctors, so it is not always easy to schedule everything, but (your staff have been) great about that. We appreciate their dedication. They have been thorough, very accommodating, and just wonderful. We are very happy with your services.

G. Spinelli

Everyone who has come here has been wonderful. I am very happy with the care.

A. Spinelli