Frequently Asked Questions

What is Home Health? How is it Different?

Home Health is medical care that comes directly to your home. We are pleased to provide licensed skilled medical personnel who will come to provide the services which you need where you already live. The care provided is based on your medical needs and your physician’s orders.

How long can patients receive services from a Home Health Agency?

There is no one answer to this question. From your first visit (which is called your Start of Care visit) until your last visit (which is called your Discharge visit), your time on service with us can be short, intermittent (for example, as when certain IV medications are intermittently needed), or long term, depending upon your own specific medical needs and your physician’s orders. There is no “one size fits all” standard length of stay on service. We know each patient is unique. We’re here to serve you.

When would patients need a Home Health Agency?

The need for home health care typically occurs after a hospitalization, after an outpatient treatment or procedure, or when a significant change in medical condition has taken place. Some examples of times when home health may be needed are:

  • Perhaps you’ve returned home after surgery, and are unable to leave your home unassisted, but physical therapy has been prescribed and outpatient therapy is not yet an option.
  • Perhaps you’ve recently received a diagnosis of a new medical condition; education and training may be needed to help you learn how to best take care of yourself.
  • Perhaps your doctor has ordered intravenous medications or injections, complex wound care, ostomy care, catheter care, tracheostomy care, respiratory care for which treatment or training are necessary. Perhaps new treatments are ordered for a condition requiring non-emergency medical intervention, but at a time when the patient is unable to safely leave home unassisted and yet still needs this help.

Do I meet the requirements to receive care at home?

Home Health requires an MD order, medical necessity, and the patient having “homebound status”. An individual is considered “homebound” (mostly confined to home) when their medical condition restricts their ability to leave their home safely, except with the assistance of another individual or supportive device, or when leaving the home is medically contraindicated because of your current status, or when leaving the home for care might cause considerable and taxing effort due to your current medical condition.

In what ways is home health sometimes better than in-patient care?

Home Health Care is cost-effective for insurers, almost always free for recipients, and allows patients to be discharged earlier from hospital settings (thus saving in-patient costs). Home Health care also reduces hospital re-admission rates, often assisting patients to recover more quickly. Most importantly, people are generally happier at home, finding recovering in their own familiar surroundings, with the support and company of loved ones, to be less stressful and more restful.

Will my Insurance cover Home health care?

Most insurances (including Medicare and MediCal) typically cover the costs of Home Health Care; we are therefore able to provide home health care to most patients entirely free of any expense to them. Some private insurances require a co-payment; if your insurance does, and if you are concerned about being unable to meet that requirement, please note that this does not automatically exclude you from eligibility for care at Infinite Home Health. As much as is possible, our Billing Dept. is flexible and will try to work with any restrictions placed upon the patient by private insurance.

How can I begin services?

Your physician, a hospital discharge planner and /or other health care clinicians can initiate service. (A physician’s order and oversight are required before home health care may be provided). Once the order to begin care is received, a home visit is made to coordinate a “plan of care”, which is an individualized treatment plan for the patient. Your personal health care goals will be considered as your clinical staff confer with your doctor to establish that plan of care.

What should I consider in order to choose the right agency?

We recommend that you choose a licensed, certified, full-service Home Health agency which provides all the services which you may require. Below are some questions to ask when deciding which home health agency you want to provide your care.

Is the agency a certified Medicare/MediCal agency?

Infinite Home Health is a Certified Medicare/MediCal agency. Thus, we adhere to all local, state and federal government guidelines, requirements and regulations.

What other certifications does the agency have?

Infinite Home Health is Certified by the Joint Commission of Accreditation for Health Care, which is a prestigious accreditation awarded to only those agencies that meet the very highest standards and requirements.

How long has the agency been serving the community?

Infinite Home Health has been providing care to Ventura County and Los Angeles County residents since 2002, with no change in ownership or in company philosophy.

What are our hours of operation?

Infinite Home Health can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the qualifications and selection procedures employees go through?

All Infinite Home Health applicants have undergone a thorough and rigorous hiring and orientation process. Once they are hired and fully vetted and oriented, they continue to receive ongoing education, training, quality assurance checks and supervision from clinical professionals which include Nurse Practitioners specializing in family and Adult Geriatric medicine. We are determined to make sure that we not only meet, but exceed your expectations.